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Storage Capacity Plus Data Protection nas4

By having a network attached storage device with multiple hard drives not only provides lots of capacity for storage , it also afford you data redundancy provided you are willing to go for some of that capacity to replicate your … Continue reading

Solving business needs nas5

A network attached storage (NAS) device is a computing device that can be attached anywhere on your network, independent of network and application servers, to store files and make them available to authorized users. A NAS server has its own … Continue reading

File Management server 1

A file server can share files between all the computers it is connected to. Server file management provides a centralized tool for managing your files on server where you can store and share files with all the employees of office … Continue reading

Collaboration server 2

In a server-based network, workgroup computers can work to?gether in virtual spaces, sharing schedules, files, and whatever else they need to get the job done. You can also grant access to outside clients and customers to make those communications more … Continue reading

Performance server

A Terminal Server actually runs many terminals from one actual computer. A server with a high-performance proces?sor and hard drive as well as sufficient memory speeds up applications and file access, especially when compared to the types of peer-to-peer networks … Continue reading

Desktops are more powerful 379581-dell-optiplex-9010-aio

Desktop processors are more powerful than laptop processors. Laptop processors are small in size and they are designed to use less energy and produce less heat. Laptops usually run on battery life. Mobile processors are designed to conserve battery life. … Continue reading

Connect multiple peripherals into desktops desk 5

With a desktop, you can easily enough buy a new video or audio card with additional ports that you need. You can also add more USB ports and other hardware as long as they’re compatible with your motherboard. We can … Continue reading

Good performance desk 3

Desktop computers provide good performance. Desktop are still being used heavily for office purpose. When we take processing power, PCs are still on top. Desktops do not run on battery power and are not restricted by space. Therefore, they can … Continue reading

Desktop PCs are cheap desk 4

Desktop computers are cheaper than laptops at the time of purchasing as well as repairing. Despite the fact that both notebook and desktop prices have decreased, you will still get a better desktop for less money than a notebook. Basic … Continue reading

Less Space and Portable lapy 8

Laptops take less space and can be used in office or workplace. People in organization can get more benefits from using laptop computers. You can carry out laptops on business trips. Laptops are also used for security purpose. Information stored … Continue reading

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