Server and data center equipments
Collaboration server 2

In a server-based network, workgroup computers can work to?gether in virtual spaces, sharing schedules, files, and whatever else they need to get the job done. You can also grant access to outside clients and customers to make those communications more efficient and make your business appear bigger than it actually is. It becomes easy to set up satellite offices, to work together on shared documents across any distance, and even to print to a remote printer. A data center is a technical setup used for housing a large amount of electronic equipment, usually computers and communications equipment, for the purpose of handling the data necessary for any given number of operations. Many larger companies now have some kind of data center, while several have dozens of data centers. Data is a crucial aspect of many business and organizational operations, and data centers must therefore contain high levels of security, functionality and self-maintenance. Because of this, the physical and logical layout of a data center is something that often requires expert consultation. Due to the complexity of the servers, mainframe computers and storage systems that compose a data center, the physical environment of the data center must be kept under strict control. Computer Facility Consultants, Inc. buys and sells the environmental controls needed to keep a data center functioning properly.