Connect multiple peripherals into desktops desk 5

With a desktop, you can easily enough buy a new video or audio card with additional ports that you need. You can also add more USB ports and other hardware as long as they’re compatible with your motherboard. We can connect multiple peripherals in the desktop computer. Desktops usually have a minimum four USB 2.0 ports and some desktop have many more. Desktops are easier to upgrade than mobile PCs, accessories such as external hard drives and external disc drives are generally not needed. Finally, the accessories which a desktop does need, such as a monitor, speakers, keyboard and mouse are either included in the price of the computer or very inexpensive. Desktops also have other connectivity options that only the highest-end, most gamer-oriented laptops might include, these options include eSATA, VGA, DVI, HDMI, and multiple audio lines.