Desktops are more powerful 379581-dell-optiplex-9010-aio

Desktop processors are more powerful than laptop processors. Laptop processors are small in size and they are designed to use less energy and produce less heat. Laptops usually run on battery life. Mobile processors are designed to conserve battery life. Laptop processors are fitted into a tight, closed chassis, and surrounded by a couple of small fans and they are still prone to overheating. Desktop processors are lucky enough to sip an endless supply of juice from a wall outlet, and they can be surrounded with fans or even a liquid cooling system to keep their temperatures down. Thus, they are not only more powerful, they can also be easily overclocked to run at even higher speeds.

Desktop computers, on the other hand, offer speed and performance at a low price. A laptop will almost always be slower than a desktop unit with the same processor, RAM and storage space. Faster and more powerful laptop computers are now available, but they are significantly more expensive than comparable desktops.