Server and data center equipments
Performance server

A Terminal Server actually runs many terminals from one actual computer. A server with a high-performance proces?sor and hard drive as well as sufficient memory speeds up applications and file access, especially when compared to the types of peer-to-peer networks that many small businesses use. If you have highly paid hour?ly employees, the last thing you want is for them to be sitting around waiting for a simple database recalculation or print job, you should use server in that condition to support high performance. The complexity of today?s emerging technologies complicates IT infrastructure management and IT’s ability to ensure the servers that host or reinforce these applications run smoothly and perform within acceptable limits. Users expect consistent application performance and rapid resolution of problems, but organizations that rely on separate server monitoring tools to manage each enterprise component (application, server, database) will find it tough to deliver due to the amount of time it takes to understand where the problems reside.