Network attached storage device
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A network attached storage (NAS) device is a computing device that can be attached anywhere on your network, independent of network and application servers, to store files and make them available to authorized users. A NAS server has its own IP address, so it can be accessed by users directly, eliminating the need to use the network server as an intermediary. NAS storage can be used by multiple, heterogeneous clients and servers throughout your network, even those located in branch offices or satellite locations. The NAS device is a shared network resource, fully accessible to all users. Many solving business needs lack the specialized IT staff required to manage a complex storage environment. When storage systems are difficult to deploy or maintain, or if they must be managed locally for proper performance, many businesses will manage their storage incorrectly or inconsistently, which leaves critical data vulnerable to catastrophic loss. That?s why an effective storage solution for your ease of use, along with superior performance and solid protection.