Scanner and photocopiers
Ease of use scanner

Scanner enables the user to capture images from photographic prints, posters, magazine pages, and similar sources for computer editing and display. Scanners are very easy to use and the ones that are built into multifunction printers today can be used essentially without instruction or worry. Scanners come in hand-held, feed-in, and flatbed designs and have the ability to either scanning black-and-white only, or color prints. Most settings are automatically adjusted and fine-tuned leaving a user to only select basic options such as photograph or document or color versus black and white. Once scanning is completed, the files can be sent straight to a computer or straight to an email account. Scanned files can be saved in a variety of formats including images and PDF documents. Scanning a document and after that immediately emailing it to a contact is a very useful method to possess in the commercial environment today. This skips the step of scanning the file to your computer and then being forced to email it.